Design Registration

Design Registration in Chennai is one of the important categories in IPR services and it is focusing on the aesthetic features of particular article evolving from its pictorial format. These types of registrations are governed by The Designs Act, 2000 and the Designs rule, 2001. The design means the features of shape, colour, lines, and configurations are applying to any articles. These should be in two dimensional or three dimensional. This can be created by the group or individual process. The process can any of the manual, mechanical or chemical reactions. The design category should not include any of the mechanical devices, or any construction principal. Artistic works, trademarks etc. Should not include in this list.


Design Registration

Design Registration

The application for the registration can be filed by the applicant itself through a registered agent.

Place of Registration

Application can submit to controller of Designs, patent office Kolkata or its branch office at Chennai.

Registration Period

Duration for the design registration is initially ten years from the date of registration or from the priority date.

Design Cancellation

The registered design can be cancelled at any time on a petition application, form 8 with fee Rs. 1500/-

Restoration of Design

The lapsed design can be restored using form 4 with a fee of Rs. 1000/- within one year from the date of lapse.

Design Plagiarism

Design piracy is the imitation of an article belonging to a class for sale or import without a written consent of owner.


  • What is an article of a Design?

    The article under the designs Act, 2000 means any article of manufacture and any substances, partly natural and includes any part of article adept of being made and sold separately.

  • When does the applicant gets the registration certificate?

    The application for the design registration is accepted and then the certificate is issued to the concerned applicant. The legal request should be made for the certificate with appropriate request fees.

  • Do we can re-register the design if the copyright gets expired?

    There is no option to re-register a design when its copyright get expired.

  • Can I make the cancellation of a design?

    Design registration can be cancelled at any time after the registration of design in a cancellation form to the controller of Designs with fine fees.

  • How to obtain data related to the registered Design?

    The data related to the design registration will be published in the official portal Patent office on every Friday. We can view the article along with other bibliographic data.


  • The design should be Original and unique
  • Not publish the design before the filing date or where applicable.
  • The new format is distinguishable from known or combination of designs.
  • Should not contain any outrageous matter
  • Not a mere mechanical contrivance
  • Should be attractive and appeal to the eye.
  • Not conflicts the public orders and concept