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We Solubilis in Chennai offer one of the main intellectual property protection known Design registration. Design, which means a particular feature of shape, pattern, colour, configuration or anything else applied to any article by certain industrial process and it can be preserve from duplicating. Under the Design Act, 2000 we can register any of the shape, colour combination, patterns, configurations etc. as Design. The design registration strategy is having certain condition to be followed under the Act, 2000. It must be unique and new, it should reflects certain features of shape, pattern, combination of lines colours etc. the design should visible on the article.

After the registration it is valid until 10 years. It can again renew for 5 years. If there any falsifying activities raise, we can seek legal remedies under the Design Act. We are one of the leading business platforms in Chennai offering a wide variety of registration services it includes company and other intellectual property rights. Our team helps you to register your Design within 10-12 days. Get the free consultations in just on call.