Benefits Of Design Registration

Design Registration

Design registration in the sense the proprietor is having the full rights to add the design to a particular article which is having a class category that the design is already registered. The proprietor is having the full rights to preserve the intellectual property. If there any violations rise the owner of the design having the full rights to make legal actions. The proprietor of the design is having the rights to license, franchise, or sell the design according to the legal norms and rules. Registration is valid up to 10 years from the date of incorporation. If the fees for the further registration is not paid then he can’t able to access the legal rights. We can file the restoration within one year from the date of cessation in the prescribed manner. The person claiming the ownership for a new, original design, which is not previously published, not contrary to public morality can be apply for the design registration. The agent behalf of the owner can also apply for the same appointment and filing.

Information required for such type of registration

  • Applicant’s name, address, and nationality. If the applicant is not a natural person then the legal status and the place of registration.
  • The mode of article or the class of the article where the design is going to subject
  • The statement of novelty if anyone claims for the same design
  • Class of the article
  • Name, address, nationality of the applicant whether if he is the partner or director of that firm.
  • The person’s name, address and designation who is going to represent the general power of attorney.

Documents Of Design Registration

  • The power of attorney duly signed by the owner, partner or one of the director of the company.
  • Four copy of design within an A4 sized sheet. The design should be similar drawings, photographs or any other representation.
  • Proprietary’s documentary proof
  • List of countries where we want to register the design